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Tooth Whitening

We offer two teeth whitening methods: in- office and home teeth whitening. The difference between the two is the strength of the tooth whitening agent and the time it takes to produce dramatic results. With in-office tooth whitening, you can achieve excellent results in a single visit. Home teeth whitening may take up to two weeks of regular use. Certain types of stains respond better to different types of whitening materials.

In-Office Teeth Whitening
Before applying our professional-strength teeth whitening gel, we will protect your soft oral tissues with special coverings. Once the gel is applied, we will expose it to a special light designed specifically for teeth whitening. The in-office method generally takes one to three hours and results in an immediate, noticeable change of up to 10 shades.

At-Home Teeth Whitening
For home teeth whitening, we will make flexible, custom trays to hold the teeth whitening gel flush against all of your teeth. When you receive your trays, we will provide instructions for use.

Safety Concerns
Research over the last five years has proven teeth whitening to be safe and effective. The American Dental Association has approved a wide range of teeth whitening products for use under supervision of a dental professional. The side effects of teeth whitening are minor, usually transitory teeth sensitivity that disappears within 48 hours.

We may discourage treatment if you have sensitive teeth, presence of cari0us lesions (cavities), periodontal disease and/or worn tooth enamel.

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