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Do you love your dentures? The dental team at Haddad Dental, located in Bethesda MD,  thinks you should. Dentures can be a fantastic and functional way to retain your quality of life if you have missing teeth. Unfortunately, many people suffer from the numerous side effects of dentures that don’t fit properly.

Don’t settle for less than a perfect fit! Dr. Haddad and his team can solve your denture troubles by providing you with a set of dentures that will improve your quality of life and allow you to enjoy all the same benefits of natural, healthy teeth.

Dr. Haddad’s advanced training in prosthodontics allows him and his team to closely examine the specific characteristics of your bite, so that he can design the set of dentures that best meets your unique needs.

With dentures from Haddad Dental, you can say goodbye to loose prostheses that won’t stay in place, and you can avoid painful mouth and gum sores that can result from a less-than-perfect fit. Perfect dentures from Dr. Haddad will help retain the strength in the bones and muscles of your face and jaw, help you look your best, and allow you to eat all of your favorite foods without worry.

You can have a set of dentures you love… dentures that won’t cause difficulty in speaking, chewing, or enjoying your life! Choose a perfect fit. Choose dentures from Haddad Dental.

denturesComplete Dentures:

Complete dentures can be either “conventional” or “immediate.” Conventional dentures are made after the teeth have been extracted or missing for a long time. Immediate dentures are made in advance prior to teeth extraction. They are placed immediately after extractions. As a result, the patient does not have to be without teeth during the healing period. However, bones and gums shrink over time, especially during the healing period following tooth removal. Therefore a disadvantage of immediate dentures compared to conventional dentures is that they require more adjustment to fit properly during the healing process and generally only be considered a temporary solution until conventional dentures can be made.
Partial Dentures:

A removable partial denture or bridge usually consists of replacement teeth attached to a pink or gum-colored plastic base, which is connected by metal framework that hold the denture in place in the mouth. Partial dentures are used when one or more natural teeth remain in the upper or lower jaw. A fixed (permanent) bridge replaces on or more teeth by placing crowns on the teeth on on either side of the space and attaching artificial teeth to them. This “bridge” is then cemented into teeth from changing position. A precision partial denture is removable and has internal attachments rather than clasps that attach the adjacent crowns. This is a more natural-looking appliance.

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